Prof. Alexander G. Ramm

Dr. Alexander G Ramm was born in USSR and emigrated to USA in 1979. he is a US citizen, professor of mathematics at KSU, an author of more than 660 papers in mathematical and physical Journals, of 15 monographs, and an editor of 3 books. His scientific interests include differential and integral equations, operator theory, mathematical physics, especially scattering theory and inverse problems, numerical analysis, especially methods for solving ill-posed problems, various problems of applied mathematics and theoretical engineering. Professor A.G.Ramm was awarded many honors, including Fulbright Research Professorships in Israel and Ukraine, Mercator Professorship, NATO and DAAD professorships and grants, Khwarizmi international award, distinguished professorships in some countries and distinguished lectureships of London Mathematical Society and Hong Kong Mechanical society, and many other honors and awards. He gave invited plenary talks at many conferences throughout the world.