Prof. Christian Schmid

Born on 20.06.1965 in Hanover, he completed his studies in mechanical engineering at the University of Hanover with a focus on "Research and Development". During his doctorate, he worked as a research assistant at the Laser Zentrum Hannover e.V., where he and his research group received the Science Award 2000 "Laser Technology" of the Friedrich-Alexander-University Erlangen for the development of novel laser handheld devices for material processing. He wrote his doctorate on the same topic. In 2000, together with two partners and Volkswagen AG, he founded a company for the development of hand-held laser devices for body welding. From 2006 to 2011 he took over the research management in the Department of Blasting Technology at the Institute of Welding Technology of the TU Clausthal and helped to build up the Clausthal Center for Materials Technology CZM. To this day, he is a lecturer in Clausthal for "Laser Material Processing" with examination authorization. In addition to his work at the TU Clausthal, he founded SET Ltd. in 2007 as a development and service company for mobile laser applications and additive manufacturing in the aerospace industry for Airbus and Boeing with locations in Birmingham, Hanover and Santa Ana (USA). He developed and patented a standard laser process for the production of large-format layup tools for Airbus, Boeing and Spacex. After the successful sale in 2017, he became Chief Technology Officer and Head of Development for an international group of companies based in Zurich. The development focus there was on metal and plastic large-scale 3D-printers for aerospace applications. In 2018, he successfully introduced a quality management system in accordance with the aviation standard. In 2019, he again founded a company as a development and consulting company for additive manufacturing and product development. He also supports several start-ups in the field of additive manufacturing. Over the years, he has applied for more than 30 patents, utility models and trademarks. Since 2020, he has been a professor at the FH-Kufstein Tirol, responsible for the topics in the field of product development. There he teaches in Bachelor's and Master's degree programs topics from product development and additive manufacturing such as "Digital Product Development" with contents of "Mixed, Augmented and Virtual Reality", “Innovation Management” as well as Product and Concept Development, "Advanced Prototyping", Rapid Product Development", "Rapid Prototyping Technologies" and other subjects. He also supervises Bachelor's and Master's thesis from the above-mentioned areas. His research work is mainly based on the topic of "Digital Product Development" with "Additive Manufacturing" to improve sustainable manufacturing technology and organization. The targeted combination of traditional and additive manufacturing as well as the sensible use of digital technologies to reduce energy, material and time expenditure and the smart implementation to an adapted extent are essential objectives. Research projects such as the development of a fully digital process for the production of individual ski liners, quality improvement of additive manufacturing processes with recycled 3D printing filaments or the development of hybrid 3D structures follow this approach. Schmid has published over 50 national and international articles. Current publications deal with the following topics: 3D printing of hybrid structures, ski boot 4.0 app and 3D printing processes, guidelines for process-oriented design for wire and arc additive manufacturing.