Dr.Mohamed Basel Bazbouz

Dr. Mohamed Basel Bazbouz is currently a senior research associate at the nanoscience centre (2018-, University of Cambridge). He is nanomaterials engineer with a background in both academic and industrial research. His research profile lies in engineering of nanostructured materials assemblies for energy, environmental, industrial and medical applications. He was awarded a first-class MEng degree in Mechanical engineering in 2001 and subsequently a PhD in 2009 from Heriot watt university, UK. He has worked in an academic and industrial environment. His research interests include ​ -Advanced polymers, ceramics, coatings, functional nanocomposites, printing inks and electrode pastes. ​ -Synthesis and fabrication of nanomaterials and their assembly into functional structures and devices for their application in key technological areas. (Nanomaterial Synthesis and Functionalization, Photolithography, Sol-Gel and Liquid phase exfoliation (Microfluidization) of Nanomaterials & Electrophoretic /Electroplating Deposition of Nanomaterials). ​ -Electro-mechanical mechanisms for preparation of patterned micro/nano-sized polymer/ceramics fibrous assemblies and films (Mechanisms for Melt/Dry/Wet/Gel Electro Spinning of composites into nanofibrous assemblies).