Dr. Fei You

Prof. Fei YOU got PhD in Eng. Discipline of Safety Tech. and Eng. in 2008 from State Key Lab. of Fire Sci. at Uni. of Sci. and Tech. of China. Visiting scholar of Univ. of Michigan-Ann Arbor, Col. of Eng., Dept. of Materials Sci. and Eng.. Interests of interdisciplinary research include Evol. Properties and Mechanisms of Special Fires AND Key Protection Tech. in traditional and sustainable energies like high-voltage smart grid, wind turbine, coal, WEEE; Preparation, characterization and application of multi-functional inorganic-organic hybrid materials including metal nitrides and oxides through Sol-Gel and Liquid-Feed Flame Spray Pyrolysis; Health, Environ. and Safety Assessment of Nanotech. and Nanomaterials; Risk Evaluation, Thermal safety and Fire Hazard Assessments of Special Environ.